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Extra example

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Tube, scrapset 'Baroque', font, frame001, misted tube, selection, photo frame to be used in earlier versions
preset for EC 5: Impact baroque_EC5_IM.f1s double click for automatic store
preset for EC 5: Nature baroque_EC5_NT_Icicles double click for automatic store
preset for Flaming Pear Flood: preset_flood_FP.q8r store in a map of your choice

Download material here


Eye Candy 5: Impact, Eye Candy 4000, Flaming Pear Flood, Eye Candy 5: Nature , Mura's Meister Pole Transform,
Unlimited 2.0, Fantastic machine Paint Engine


Tip: if you decide to use other colors, colorize the scrapset: Adjust Hue and saturaion. - colorize

Open the scrapset, the tube, the frame001, minimise font, store selections and frame in their PSP maps:

Open new image 640x480px transparent

Your foreground color = black, your background color = #747474

Your foreground color on gradient with these settings

Fill the layer with the gradient

Effects - Plugins - filter Unlimited 2.0 - Tile and Mirror - Distortion Mirror (Vertical) - 66

Effects - Plugins - Fantastic Machine - Paint Engine with these settings

Adopt the above settings***

Activate your misted tube: close up, edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Or if you prefer : Layer palette: blend mode on Hard Light (I didn't do it but it gives a nice effect as well)
if you use other tubes)

Move see print screen, the mouth should merge with the black part

Eraser tool with these settings

Erase the straight parts of the misted tube, so it fades and flows more into each other, you must have this:

Layer new raster layer

Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and find my selection: @nn_sel001_UT_TD on

Flood fill your selection with your gradient


Effects - distortion effects - twirl: 180°

Effects - Reflection effects - rotating mirror:

Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow:

Effects - Plugin Eye Candy 5: Impact - Perspective Shadow - choose my preset: baroque_EC5_IM

Layers - arrange - move down - Layer palette - activate your top layer again

Activate your frame001, edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Effects - image effects - Offset:

Effects - Plugins Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow:

Color: Black Halo

Layers - merge - merge visible layers

Effects - Plugins - Flaming Pear Flood - find your preset by clicking this button

Image: Add borders - 10 px black

Image - picture frame and search this frame: Corel_09_030, canvas from frame, frame outside the image, all other unchecked

layers merge - merge all layers

Image resize with 80%, all checked, bicubic

Image - canvas size:

Layer palette - Rename this layer Background

Activate your scrapset 'baroque

Activate layer 7 of the scrapset, edit - copy and paste as a new layer

Image - Free Rotate - 90° left

Again, resize image with 80% but now " resize all layers" not ticked

Move see my example at the top of the page

Activate layer 8 of your scrapset, edit - copy - paste as a new layer - rename this layer to black spheres

Effects - Image effects - offset but now horizontal shift on -30 / vertical shift on -41

With your selection tool remove the black spheres*** - deselect - DO NOT move the spheres!

Activate layer 6 of your scrapset, edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Image - resize with 80% - resize all layers unchecked, bicubic

Move like my scrap see above

Layer - duplicate

Image - flip you have this now:

In your layer palette - make the background and the layer with the black spheres invisible
Activate another layer in your layer palette
Layers - merge - merge visible- rename this layer to SCRAP

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow

Layer palette - Make the other layers visible againand activate the layer SCRAP

Duplicate layer, image mirror- move a little bit to the right - put it a side for a moment

New image 150x150 px transparent

Effects - Artistic effects - Balls and Bubbles:

Edit this ball - copy - paste as a new layer

Effects - Image effects - shift: horz. -250 / vert. 0

don't move this ball anymore !!

Effects - Plugins Eye Candy 5: Impact filter - Motion Trail choose Swing from Left

Layer - new raster layer for your text

Your foreground colour on black, your background colour on white, your background colour on gradient:

these are your settings for the text

Type your text - deselect- move see example

Effects - Plugins Eye Candy 5: Nature - Icicles - choose preset: baroque_EC5_NT_Icicles

Apply a drop shadow as before

Layers new raster layer for the 2nd text

Select your font: Andrea Cursive SS , change the size to 72 - type your text - move see example

Repeat your drop shadow


Activate your scrapset layer 3, edit - copy - paste as a new layer --> don't move

Effects Plugins - Mura's Meister - Pole Transform:

layers - merge - merge visible layers

Effects - Plugins Flaming Pear - Flood - choose my preset but change the horizon to 83.

image - add border - 1 px black

Save as a jpg file

This lesson is written by @nn.
Copyright© - 11 November 2006

extra example

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