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Tube - font, duotoon brown




Two Moon


Andrew 8


Working method


Install the plugins, open the tubes, minimize font, duotone in het zip for PSP8 users


Remark If you use other tubes, tube max 350 pixels high

Open now a new image of 600x350 px, transparent Your preference for gradient with these settings: Duotone brown


Flood fill your layer with this gradient

Plugins - Filter Pixelate - Mosaic Sector 25-25

Effects - blur - radial blur by using this setting: 


New raster layer - fill with the gradient

Effects - Filter Andrew 8 - Tow the line default settings

Layer palette - blend mode on Soft light

Merge layers visibly - rename this layer background

Duplicate this layer and lock your background

Proceed with the copy layer" background"

Go to your tube (chinese) edit - copy - paste as a new layer

Lock this layer, go to the layer just below

Effects - Two Moon pluginr - VenitianBlur - default setting.

Effects - distortion effects - wind from left 100

Layer palette: blend mode: Luminance -Opacity: 70

Layers - merge visible

Image - resize with 50% - bicubic - resize all layers unchecked

Selections - select all - then selection float - selection defloat

Modify selections - contract with 2 px

Invert selection - selection floating

Press the "+" to see the fine line more clearly

Flood fill with your dark colour (you may add a new layer for easy filling - then join these layers together)


Make your background visible

Move your reduced rectangle to the left 1 cm from the left and stay parallel with top/bottom side

Duplicate this layer (lock it) - make the layer just below active

Again Filter Two Moon - venitian Blur

and again distortion effects - wind with both the same settings

Layer palette: luminance

Activate your top layer

Edit tube (chinese) - copy - paste as a new layer

Image - Mirror

Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow horz/vert 0, Opacity 50, blur 20, colour black

Layers - Merge

Add border of 2 pixels with the dark solid colour

Layers new raster layer for your text

Look up your font, determine the size, background on your dark solid colour

Apply the Drop shadow again

Save as jpg file but don't resize, keep the size.

And done!