This lesson is written in PSP X - English version

Tube, brush, goldpattern, font
Open the tube- minimize your font - import brush (Custom Brush), - extract pattern to your psp folder
Download materials here

3D Lokas Shadow
Optikverve Labs
Unlimited 2.0
Toadies (import in Filter Unlimited 2.0)
Virtual Painter
Install these filters.

Foreground color #e6593e (dark)
background color #dfcac7 (light)
Material Foreground: change into gradient:
Foreground/background - Rectangular - Angle 45, Repeats 0, Invert checked, Centerpoints 50/50

The lesson

File - Open -new image 350x350 pixels transparent
Flood fill tool - fill with the gradient
Effects - Plugins -Toadies - Posterize - standard settings
Activate the tube - shift+D, minimize the original and proceed with the copy
Image - Resize 350 px height, Bicubic all layers checked

Edit - Copy - Paste as new layer
Layers - Merge - Visible
Effects - Virtual Painter - Oil Painting - Adjust and Ok
repeat OK
Image - Add borders - 1 px black
Edit - COPY !!!!!!!

File - Open New Image 640x480
Floodfill with the gradient
Effects - Virtual Painter - Oil Painting same settings as before
Edit - paste as a new layer
Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling
with these settings

Effects - Lokas Shadow - 3D effects - preset - Flat Faint Shadow but change the value of Transparency to 50
Layers - merge - merge visible
Effects - Optikverve labs - Virtual Photographer with preset Halo
Activate the original (and minimized) tube
Image - Resize 85% - bicubic all checked
With this tube - Edit - Copy
Edit - Paste as new layer
With the Move tool, move to the right (see example)
Layers Duplicate
On your layerpalette activate the original tube layer (not the copied one, but the one below)
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 8
Layers - merge - merge visible
Layer - new raster layer
With the freehand selection - point to point - Feather/Smoothing on 0 Draw a corner in the left top corner of your image

Materials: change Foreground color into goldpattern

Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow vert/horz 0, Opacity 100, blur 10 Color black
Selections - Select none
Layerpalette - Opacity 70%
Layers - duplicate
Image - mirror / Image - Flip
Layers - Merge - merge all
Activate your Paintbrush and select brush (aRavenbrush!POEM!Lover) - with the foreground still on the goldpattern
On the bottom left click twice

Layer - new textlayer
Select the texttool and select the font
Background has to be switched to the goldpattern
Write down your text
Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow horz/vert 2, opacity 50, blur 5, color black
Selections - select none
Layers - merge - merge all (flatten)
Image - add borders 1 px black
Save as jpg file