Secret Eyes with Animation shop 


This lesson was written in PSP X Dutch version  and uses animationshop.

Materials: tube, fonts, selection

Filters: unlimited 2.0

Xero (set 1)

Download materials here

Open your tube, install your fonts, extract your selection into the map selections from psp program

The lesson

Open new 400x300 px transparent

Flood fill this layer with black color

Open your tube

edit - copy and paste as a new layer

Effects- filter Xero Porcelain standard settings  do this twice

Image: add borders, use a different color , these settings (top and bottom = 25):

With the magic wand, tolerance and feather = 0, modus: add (shift) select top and bottom border

Layer: new raster layer, keep selection intact

Your foreground color = black, your background color = #a4a4a4

your foreground color = gradient with these settings:

Floodfill your selection with the gradient, match mode: (none) it makes it more easy to fill


Layerpalette: duplicate

Effects- filter Unlimited 2.0 - Special Effects 1 - Half Tone

Layerpalette, blend mode: Soft light

Effects- edge effects - enhance

Image -add borders use a different color, use these settings (left and right = 25)


Select these borders with the magic wand

Flood fill with the gradient

Effects – texture effects-blinds with the following settings:


Layer new raster layer for your first text

Your foreground = black your background = #a4a4a4

Text tool with these settings

Type your text and deselect

Effects - 3D effects -drop shadow, horz/vert 2, opacity 75,blur 8, color black

Image – free rotate – right 90°

Move, see the example on top of this lesson

Layer new raster layer for the second text ,but use these settings, foreground color = black ,background color op WHITE

Repeat drop shadow same settings as before


Image – free rotate - right 90°

Move, see example. This is what you have now

Image -add borders 2 px black, symm.

Promote background layer!!!

Selection: load from disk, choose my selection '@nn_sel001_Secreteyes'

Selections –promote selection to layer

Selection:  invert,

flood fill selection with black


Layer palette:  arrange, send to bottom (The layer with the black border =  the bottom layer)

Save as  .psp file (Not a  .pspimage (animation shop will not reconnect this)


| Animation shop |

Check your preferences  (File – preferences – general program preferences)

File - open your saved file

Select the first frame

Effects-:insert image transition

Select your first FRAME

Animation - frame properties - 35

Select your Last FRAME

Animation - frame properties - 750 (your last frame remains much longer)

Save as a .gif

This lesson was written by Ann, following her own imagination.

Please leave a note in my guestbook and tell me if you enjoyed this lesson.


Copyright© - 15 January 2006



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